Lago Ritom, Ticino, Switzerland

MTB Lago Ritom 001The natural lake Lago Ritom, located in Piora valley, Ticino, Switzerland is used as a reservoir to generate hydro-electric power for the Gotthard line. Our plan was to cycle up to Lago Ritom and cycle some of the trails around the lake. Unfortunately all trails were covered by snow and we only got to the lake after breaking through some small snowdrifts and a road blocked by an avalanche… There was no chance to get further.
I am posting some pictured from our short ride. I am hoping to come back to this place in Summer and explore the area on a bike …


On the way up


Some parts of the road leading to Lago Ritom were fully covered with snow


The biggest obstacle on the way – road blocked by an avalanche


View towards Quinto


Ritom dam


Ritom dam


Happy bikers


Frozen lake Ritom


Map of all trails around Lago Ritom

LINKS: – Official website – Mountain Lodge Lago Ritom

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