Family trip to Naturfreundehaus in Emmental, Switzerland 2013

Emmental 001
Have you ever wondered why Swiss cows wear bells?
To keeps the cows contented ? So you can hear them from the distance on the foggy day ? or just to remind you that you haven`t got a glass of milk yet?
Whichever reason is behind those cowbells – there is nothing more amazing then waking up with this lovely tunes:) and then falling asleep with this sweet lullaby…

Once they remind you that it`s breakfast time you can enjoy your glass of milk or Ovaltine and swiss bread called Züpfe ( )


In the spring, when the snowmelt is finished, villages send the cows with the cowherds to high alpine meadows to graze during the summer months. The event, called Alpaufzug, is celebrated in each village with a procession through the village into the high pastures. The cows are decorated with floral wreaths woven through the horns,and the best milk-producing cow in the village leads the procession wearing the largest bell. The bells are made in various sizes, and cows are awarded bells according to the milk production of the year.
In the fall, the event is repeated, but this time called an Alpabzug, as the animals return from the high meadow. The best cows from each herd lead the procession through the village.


Naturfreundehaus Ämmital


On the tarrace


The Team needs some energy. On the way to Napf.


Boys are testing if the electricity is strong enough to stop the cows


What is on the menu today ? Sausages or mash mellows ?


Everybody enjoying the home-made Lasagna made by Peronik (he`s not on the picture as he is bringing second servings from the kitchen)


The Team just shortly before heading home

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  1. Aga says:

    Musicie sie namowic na powrot w to miejsce z nami wiosna, jak juz stopnieje snieg. Wyglada siwetnie i no i juz sama nazwa Emmental ( nasz ulubiony ser ) przekonuje mnie ze warto!

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