Sardegna, Italy 2001

Sardegna 002
During my abroad semester at Politecnico di Torino in Italy, I managed to save some money and do a low budget trip to Sardegna. The trip had to be well planned because the budget available was really limited… I was a poor student at that time 🙂 We took a train from Torino to Genova and then walked to the Genova port. We were really sweating when we arrived to the port where our Tirrenia ferry to Alghero was just about to depart ! The breeze coming from the sea and a bottle of white wine which I got for my birthday from my friends from Chile made us forget all the sweating. Thanks guys for the wine! This is still one of the best wines I had so far.


Finally on the deck … But we don’t know yet that a storm is coming…


Overlooking the Genova bay

We obviously didn’t know that a storm is coming when we settled in our cabin … We were bouncing from one wall to the other in order to get to the restaurant, where some guys were sitting at the bar singing in Sardegnian dialect. The storm was a great nature spectacle for me but made the journey quite uncomfortable for my wife … The bottle of wine helped her to get asleep.


Good, old Tirrenia survived the storm …


At Alghero port

When we arrived to Alghero all the passengers got into cars,taxis and buses which were waiting for them and we stayed alone in the port wondering what did we do wrong 🙂 We had to hitchhike for 30 min to get a lift to the city.
We stayed at a camping in Alghero located directly at the sea. Our breakfast was mainly bread with pâté and a bottle of Aragosta white wine produced in Sardegna. A few years later I walked to a wine shop in Dublin and spotted a bottle of Aragosta on the shelf. Couldn’t believe my eyes! All the memories came back when we opened it at home.



Alghero bay at sunset




On the way back to Genova

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