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Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Park, Ireland 2009

Ballinastoe 001
Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Park located in County Wicklow, about 30km from Dublin, provides 14km of purpose built mountain bike trails.
There are two loops to choose from, both of which are sign posted by red cyclist icons. The terrain at ballinastoe woods is a mix of wide double-track and narrow singletrack, offering a challenge for any mountain biker.
This trail is still one of the best trails I have cycled so far ! READ MORE !!!

Connemara, Ireland 2009

Connemara 001
Connemara, situated on the west coast of Ireland, is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt places in Europe. Connemara has long been regarded as the real emerald of Ireland. There is the Twelve Bens mountain range, the lake-rich Roundstone Bog and the golden beaches at the Atlantic Ocean.
The constantly changing landscape of the Connemara National Park, which covers some 2,957 hectares of scenic mountains, expanses of bogs, heaths, grasslands and woodlands makes the journey unforgettable. READ MORE !!!

Dublin, Ireland 2005-2010

Dublin 001
We came to Dublin in March 2005 and lived there for 6 years. It is a place which we used to call ‘home’ and where our kids Oskar and Wiktor were born. Some people say the city is ugly and others love it. Sourrounded by Wicklow mountains from one side and the Irish Sea on the other, with it’s unique character and great irish people living there makes this place very special. This very the famous beer in the world is produced. Guinness is good for you! READ MORE !!!