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Calonge, Costa Brava, Spain

Calonge 001

Once you have a family tent in the basement, there is nothing stopping you from opening the car’s trunk, throw inside everything what is needed for 1 week camping, fill up the tank with gasoline and hit the road. It doesn’t take much time if you have done this many times before and you know exactly what you need. No need to make any bookings, not many people decide to go camping in October. The only which is needed is a couple of addresses of campsites which are open at this time of the year. So we hit the road and arrived at Camping Internacional de Calonge in Calonge, Costa Brava. READ MORE !

Sardinia, Italy 2014

Sardegna 001It was again the time of the year when we usually go on our October family holiday. We decided to visit a place where we have already been 13 years ago. At that time we were students with very little money to spend and we didn’t really see anything of the Island. Now it was time to discover some of the hidden treasures of Sardegna. Our flights were booked 8 months before and we landed on 5th of October in Cagliari. We have decided to leave the north side of the island in peace and discover some places located in the south/east. Our trip was divided into 3 stages and for each stage we have chosen a camping place located in the area of our interest. READ MORE !

Crete & Santorini, Greece 2013

Greece 001

Crete was always my dream destination but unfortunately there was always something which prevented me from going there to fulfill my dream … It was either the price for flight tickets or some other obstacles. This time the price was right and the journey could begin …
Day 1
Basel – Memmingen – Chania – Kalathas
We took a Ryanair flight from Memmingen to Chania. During the flight we saw for the first time a thunderstorm from the sky. It was really a great spectacle … It looked like Zeus had a bad day and was throwing thunders & lightnings … READ MORE !!!

Franche-Comté, France 2013

Val de Bonnal 001
We rarely visit the same place for the second time but this year we decided to spend first week of July at Camping Val de Bonnal where we stayed in a tent last year.
The Val de Bonnal is an immense aquatic and nautical area on 4 lakes near the river Ognon, offering all the pleasures of the sea in the countryside. It is an ideal place to explore the south of the Vosges, Alsace and the Jura area. READ MORE !!!

Croatia, Dalmatia 2013

Dalmatia 001
Zaton Holiday Resort is located in the central part of the beautiful Adriatic about 25km north from Zadar Airport, 14km from Zadar city centre. It is the ideal place for a family holiday full of entertainment and activities for everyone.
The resort covers an area of 100 ha alongside a magnificent bay (zaton means bay in Croatian) in a completely natural environment. The area’s rich vegetation, natural woods, well-tended parks and well-designed gardens make up an oasis of exceptional beauty.
I suppose that the Resort could be quite full in the high season and may not be good for somebody who doesn’t like overcrowded places. It is a quite big Resort so it can accommodate a lot of tourists !!! READ MORE !!!

Sardegna, Italy 2001

Sardegna 002
During my abroad semester at Politecnico di Torino in Italy, I managed to save some money and do a low budget trip to Sardegna. The trip had to be well planned because the budget available was really limited… I was a poor student at that time 🙂 We took a train from Torino to Genova and then walked to the Genova port. We were really sweating when we arrived to the port where our Tirrenia ferry to Alghero was just about to depart ! The breeze coming from the sea and a bottle of white wine which I got for my birthday from my friends from Chile made us forget all the sweating. Thanks guys for the wine! This is still one of the best wines I had so far. READ MORE !!!